Most important ways to improve self esteem

We all have heard about self esteem and its benefits in life but what is self esteem and why is it so important in life. First, let us define self esteem.

The definition of self esteem- the word esteem is derived from a Latin word which means estimate. So self esteem means how a person regards and estimates him. What he thinks about his strengths, his weakness and how he prevents negative feeling to overpower his personality.

According to experts self esteem is not just a thing but it is a combination of different aspects that makes our personality. The factors are self love, self-affirmativeness, self belief, and self confidence. Self esteem is about believing in yourself rather than getting judged by society.

Self esteem is caused affected by both internal and external factors. How a person is treated by society and family develops his opinion about himself. Also, the self-negating tendency of our mind is a major factor in deciding self esteem. Self esteem is basically attitude and judgment about you.

Low self esteem

People who suffer low self esteem are likely to live an unhappy and unsuccessful life. Having low self esteem is like believing something is wrong with a person when it is not. Their natural skills and caliber are hampered by low self esteem. They are considered as a punching bag by family and society as they don’t have the guts to stand for them. The causes of low self esteem can be many but some of the major causes are discussed here.

Causes of low self esteem

Not many people are born with low self esteem. It is conditioning of an individual that takes an individual to the extent of self-deeming. People with low self esteem believe that they are not capable of doing anything right.

Low self esteem is generally developed in childhood when kids face constant criticism and bullying. The reasons may vary but results in a very grim situation.

Our living style, conflicts in the family, divorce, poor living standard or failures due to some reason may be the reason for low self esteem.

People with low self esteem tend to have self-negating habit. They don’t believe in themselves and have a very low opinion about life.

Women are likely to have low self esteem after marriage if they don’t get a supportive atmosphere at the house of in-laws.

Constant nagging and too much disciplinary action with kids can lead to the low self esteem in them.

How to improve self esteem

Self esteem is an important pillar of our personality. We must do whatever can be done to improve self esteem. With positivity and right conditioning, self esteem can be improved in a person. The tools for improving self esteem are-

Personal integrity- one must practice self-integrity to improve self esteem. If a person is not positive for his ideas, conviction then how can he ask others to appreciate him? Integrity comes when the behavior of others match with the perception of a person for himself, in a positive manner.

Self-discipline- self-discipline is important to increase self esteem. Without self-discipline no one can improve his life and become successful. Discipline gives courage, strength, and feeling of accomplishment to a person and makes his life better.

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