Lai Ching-Te Receives A Lot Of Hate Comments

A Taiwanese politician and the Premier of China Lai Ching-te got bashed on the internet about his comments towards caregivers. What is the full story? Let’s find it out.

Lai’s sarcastic comments make people angry.

Lai Ching-Te turned on the 1966 care hotline last Friday but got bashed after the politician said that these nursing aids think that they pass the minimum wage of being a caregiver. Furthermore, in a ceremony opening, Lai said that $1,000 or NT$30,000 is too much for them and it is just for being right in their job.

The Taiwanese opposition lawmaker Yen-Shiu Lee blamed the politician and also the government for being so insensitive. Also, Lee said that Lai couldn’t even find a single solution on low workforce wages. One thing that the lawmaker hates the most is despite the fact the problem the country has, Ching-Te also asking this nursing aids on the front lines to show compassion and generosity.

Worst Politician Ever?

The Kuomintang lawmaker scolds Lai Ching-te being a spoiled boss or in Chinese “ biggest guan Lao ban.” The word meaning is a rotten boss who demands excellent service to other people yet not willing to pay these workers reasonable price for their efforts.

Because of the hot issue, Taiwan’s Health Minister Chen Shih-Chung defend the Taiwanese legislator’s statement. Chen said that Lai is just showing kindness for these workers in the long-term care scheme. In addition to this Statement, the Ministry of Health and Warfare or also known as MOHW will have further plans on raising the minimum wages of caregivers in the upcoming year.

Currently, the nursing aides who are working in Taiwan receives a salary of NT$25,000 to NT$29,000 each month, which is still depending on how much work they do.

Good News For Caregivers

Shih-Chung announces that the current per hour payment system in Taiwan changes to a monthly payment system by next year. Furthermore, those nursing aides who want to deliver an excellent service in secluded areas, at midnight and on holidays will receive extra payments.

In the new payroll system than Chen announces, a single nursing aide will be able to receive NT$32,000 up to NT$35,000 a month, which goes up by 20 percent compared to last time. These results can now slightly par with senior caregivers Houston, which is good if it implements fully.

New Implementation

The Taiwanese government has more than NT$18 billion budget for the long-term care project which will go up by 50 percent or NT$35 billion. Because Lai recently opens up the hotline, people are now required to call it so that they can reach up to a nearest care service center. Furthermore, the senior leader in charge will assess it and will give the current caller’s needs and its family.

The Taiwanese government will also give a budget to improve elderly’s household and make these people feel that they are not getting left by the government.

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