Woman Coughs Blood From Her Period Due To Endometriosis

The rollercoaster rates of untreated conditions alarm the United States health department nowadays. Even though there is a sudden decrease in September – October, the officials cannot analyze precisely if this data will improve in the few years to come. Last four hours ago, there is a sudden report from China about endometriosis, which is one of the rarest conditions in the world.

The physician named Tsai Fang-Po who owns the Dr. Tsai and Chen’s Women Clinic stated that the patient keeps complaining about her because of immense menstrual pain. Furthermore, the unnamed woman starts to cough when she is undergoing an ultrasound. Lately, the medic saw that the patient coughs blood, which makes him surprised. The unnamed woman seems not surprised on what just happen, which makes the staff more curious about it.

Doctor’s Interview

The girl said to her physician that every time she gets on her period, she always cough. Also, the patient already experiences this kind of condition since she was 17 years old. The unnamed girl in her last words quoted, “ It’s very normal.”

Doctor Tsai already said that she is currently checking for this kind of rare condition. Endometriosis is the type of situation which makes the tissue cross the line of the uterus to grow outside of the uterus.

According to the latest tests, it reveals that the condition causes the tissue to grow inside of the woman’s trachea, which makes her essentially choke menstrual fluid every time she has her period.

The doctor added that endometriosis occurs mostly around the patient’s pelvis, which makes it not that uncommon. The worst case of it may affect the abdomen, small and large intestines, the esophagus and even the nasal cavity. Also, the person having endometriosis has a higher risk of getting cancer. In doctor’s reports, she said that there are only 50 documented cases in the world, and the unnamed woman is one of them.

Tsai recommends taking pain relievers or surgery to lessen the ache as the experts still struggle to find a viable treatment for this.

Virus on the endometriosis.

As of the update, there is no medication for this condition, which makes it more dangerous. Worst case is, it might have a virus in the blood that can be contagious. Luckily the medic did a blood cleanup as soon as the patient spits it because it is tough to wipe blood on the floor. The more that the blood stays on the floor, the more it is harder to wipe off.

The chances of having an unknown virus are high because the condition is quite rare. Having unknown illness means the medication of it is impossible because it comes from an unusual case also. That is why Dr. Randeep Duleria recommends using a surgical mask wherever the person is in the establishment, or in a public place. The doctor added that even it is very uncomfortable to use, using these clinical items can save the person from wasting a lot of money to go to a hospital.

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