Simple Workouts To Help You Stay Fit While On The Road

Traveling is a hobby to a majority of people around the world. Whether it is for vacation, business or self-pleasure going outside town doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take a break from your daily workout. If you want to achieve your fitness goals consistency is vital.

Additionally, a healthy and nutrient dense meal does help your body acquire the necessary nutrients for you to be healthy. While at it, do not be afraid of using a steroid or other form of supplements to complement your workout routine. Remember that supplements are not to replace your daily meals but rather as an accompaniment.

However, when you are always on the move eating out vast portions of not healthy food such junks is common, and it can be challenging to maintain your weight. Some of the reasons why you should workout with traveling are;

  • It will help stay focused and sharp during your trip.
  • It helps you to cut down on stress.
  • It reduces the risk of gaining more weight.
  • Helps you stretch after long hours of traveling.
  • It improves blood circulation.

Here are some of the best equipment-free exercises you can try while traveling


Squats is one of the simplest and easiest workouts to do. It is suitable for those people who like touring. When performed correctly it will enable you to lose weight and build muscles.

How to do

Stand upright your chest up and out. Place your feet shoulder width apart then extend your hands forward in front of you. Sit back and down like you’re sitting on an imaginary chair. Ensure your back line is straight. Be cautious not to lock your knees when you reach a standing position, straighten your legs. Repeat two sets of 10 reps.

Star Jumps

Helps strengthen your muscles so as to develop an explosive power increasing your vertical jumps.

How to do

Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Squat down halfway then jump vertically in the air as high as possible. While in the air extend your entire body, spreading your legs and arms away from the body. Bring your arms and legs inwards as you begin to descend from the jump. Do these repeatedly in a controlled pace.


This targets your triceps, chest muscles, shoulders, and stomach.

How to do

Get to a plank position. Set your hands apart slightly wider than your shoulder width. Lower your torso down until your elbows are bent at a 90-degree angle. Push your body back up to the starting position. Repeat that ten times.


Works on your abdominals, chest, neck, lower back, and hip flexors.

How to do

Lie down on your back, your feet firmly on the ground to stabilize your lower body. Place your hands across your chestor behind the head then bend your upper body upwards towards your knees. Exhale as you lift. Gently lower yourself down, returning to the starting position as you inhale. Do at least ten reps.


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