Why communication is an important factor while choosing expert witnesses?

When choosing an orthopedic expert witness, it is extremely important to consider their communication skills. Besides considering their education and experience, communication plays an integral role. They’ll have to communicate their views and share the details based on which they have testified the case. Furthermore, their communication needs to be effective so that the jury gets convinced.

Convincing the jury is important because they’re the ones who’ll decide the final outcome of the case. Before understanding the importance of the communication factor, it is important to understand their role and why they are retained.

Medical malpractice cases take place when doctors, nurses, or other medical professionals cause injury to the patient through a negligent act. The negligence can happen if the medical professional:

  • Fails to diagnose the main cause of injury
  • Fails to give the right treatment or misdiagnosis
  • Fails to maintain the established medical standards
  • Leaves a foreign object inside the body of the patient
  • Cuts the wrong body part/organ
  • Fails to give a proper treatment post-surgery

If your doctor has been negligent in giving you the right treatment, you have the right to make compensation claims for the damages caused. To do this, you’ll need an attorney as well as the services of an expert witness. The attorneys seek these experts for getting a medico-legal opinion. Also, they are brought to court for giving testimony and deposition services as well. This is the main reason why communication skills matter a lot.

Importance of communication skills in malpractice cases:

An expert witness must have experience as well as board certification from concerned state authorities to provide testimony services in malpractice cases. However, experience and certification won’t count if they’re unable to prove that their reports are scientifically correct and clinically proven. They need to explain the reasons based on which they’ve prepared the reports. Medical malpractice cases consist of complex elements. Moreover, the juries are laymen as they do not have an understanding of these complex issues. Hence, they need an expert who can help them understand the complex matters of the case.

Communication plays an essential role because the expert needs to explain the facts correctly. Moreover, these facts need to be communicated in a manner so that the solicitors are convinced that the statements given by the orthopedic expert witness are true and correct. The outcome of the case depends a lot on the facts presented by these experts. Their testimony can make or break a case. Hence, communication plays a very important role when choosing an orthopedic witness.

If you think that you or your loved ones have sustained injuries due to the negligence of a surgeon, it is important to get in touch with an attorney. These lawyers will assist you and help you win the case. However, you need to be very particular when choosing these lawyers.

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